About The Caddy

Jim Fabregas (inventor of the Garden & Tool Caddy!) has been a General Contractor since 1975. He's also been an avid gardener for just as many years! Through those years Jim would lose a tool here or a pair of keys there and always thought about creating something easy to tote that would organize his garden/construction tools. Some days he'd have his cell phone, a water bottle, and his keys outside with him and would have to search for a safe place to put it all. Jim created the Garden & Tool Caddy!… And gardening has been easier ever since!!!

Neighbors and friends saw Jim's prototype and wanted to get one for their own homes and work areas. People were calling and asking if they could buy some as gifts. This exceptional interest, and the helpfulness of the product, gave Jim the incentive to go ahead and manufacture his invention. As its popularity grew, it was apparent that gardeners and remodelers of all ages were able to benefit from the Garden & Tool Caddy! Everyone comments on how nice it is not to have to bend down all the time, or misplace items. Several people have commented that the Garden & Tool Caddy also fits on wheelbarrows and garden carts which makes outdoor work easier in general. As a contractor and a gardener, Jim saw a personal need and fulfilled it. His hope is that the Garden & Tool Caddy! will now make life easier and gardening more enjoyable, for people of all ages.
US Patents # 6,823,998 and US D484, 701 S