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One Caddy does it all!
Give Your Green Thumb a Hand

The Garden & Tool Caddy

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One Caddy does it all! Each Caddy fits on both your round and square work space. An exciting new garden invention to organize your garden tools and supplies. The Caddy fits on most Wheelbarrows, Garden carts, Trash Cans, and Yard Waste Bins.The Garden & Tool Caddy ORGANIZES your tools and personal items, reducing the risk of misplacement. It has built-in handi– holes for various sized tools, and a 5” x 11” storage bin (small holes inside for drainage). Each Garden & Tool Caddy has convenient leveling tabs that adjust to the shape of most trash cans, wheelbarrows, and yard waste bins. Once you’ve used it, you’ll never want to work without it! This is your ultimate garden tool storage solution.
One Size fits most:
Round 32-55 Gallon Trash Cans,
Square Trash/Yard Waste Bins,
Wheelbarrows, Garden Carts, and more!
The Caddy Holds:
Phones, Screw Driver, Hammers, Trowels, Glasses,  
Small Garden Tools, Wallet, Keys, Misc. Includes a 5" x 11'
storage bin and handi-holes for miscellaneous items.
Garden & Tool Caddy
Multiple Uses