Give Your Green Thumb a Hand

Caddy Uses

Every day we get emails telling us how people have used their Caddy. With both a round and straght side the Caddy can fit on a number of workstations. Here is a list of some ideas
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garden_caddy-caddyuses001013.jpg garden_caddy-caddyuses001012.jpg garden_caddy-caddyuses001011.jpg garden_caddy-caddyuses001010.jpg garden_caddy-caddyuses001009.jpg garden_caddy-caddyuses001008.jpg garden_caddy-caddyuses001007.jpg garden_caddy-caddyuses001006.jpg garden_caddy-caddyuses001005.jpg garden_caddy-caddyuses001004.jpg garden_caddy-caddyuses001003.jpg garden_caddy-caddyuses001002.jpg
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Garden & Tool Caddy