Garden and Tool Caddy 2012
Garden & Tool Caddy
Give Your Green Thumb a Hand
As featured on ABC's Made in America, the Garden and Tool Caddy is the perfect accessory for your next project around the garden, yard, or garage.
The Garden and Tool Caddy is equipped with a curved edge and a straight edge, so it easily clips onto a wide range of items, including wheelbarrows, trash cans and even large yard wast bins.
This Garden Tool Caddy features a wide range of slots and compartments for tools, equipment, even your drink and cell phone. It's the ideal Garden Tool Caddy and it will ensure that your tools are always within reach. No more running around trying to find the proper item and you won't have to worry about losing (or accidentally burying!) your gardening tools! They'll all remain orderly, clean and within arm's reach.
Available in six colors, this tool caddy is a must-have for every gardening enthusiast. It also makes the perfect gardening gift!
The Garden and Tool Caddy is proudly made in America.
As seen on ABC's
Made in America
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